High-performance polyurethane elastomers

for the industrial and marine industries

Industrial and Marine

Industrial products are the backbone of Delta RIM Composites product line. These include forklift wheels; polyurethane-lined bearings; cable drums for theatres and amusement parks; single and dual-hardness bushings for escalators and snowmobiles; ski-lift pulley liners; detachable chair drums and cable guides for ski resorts; sprockets for ski hill trail grooming machines; capstans for cable manufacturing; high-temperature seals for steam ovens; pump and drum liners. For the marine industry, Delta RIM Composites has developed thimbles and bushings used for both steel and nylon cables, able to withstand the rigors of continuous flexing and abrasion in saltwater environments. Delta RIM Composites has also developed casting technology to produce spherical and elliptical mooring buoys.

About Us

Delta RIM Composites is a custom molding and engineering company capable of designing polyurethane parts, optimizing their design, building molds and production equipment.

  • Prototyping
  • Turnkey product development
  • Research & Development
  • Experimental development

Delta RIM Composites offers clients cost effective solutions for their polyurethane requirements.

Markets and Applications

Boat Rollers and Pads

Mooring Buoys
Propellor Shaft Bearings

Rub Strips
Pump Impellers

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