polyurethane elastomers


Delta Rim Composites has chosen to work with elastomeric polyurethanes because they are unique engineering materials that afford great flexibility in part design and can be formulated to maximize the performance of a variety and combination of properties. Abrasion and tear resistance are notable properties where urethane elastomers outwear rubber and metals many times over.

Hardness can be formulated from 10 Shore A to 85 Shore D, and rebound values from 10-70%. With excellent load-bearing properties and load-deflection characteristics, coupled with inherent water, chemical and oil resistance, various polyurethane formulations can be created to meet the most demanding mining and sealing needs.

Urethanes maintain their elasticity to the highest hardness levels, giving them excellent toughness and fracture resistance which are maintained at very cold temperatures (-90°C). Insulating and dielectric properties are also excellent as is radiation resistance.

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Delta RIM Composites is a custom molding and engineering company capable of designing polyurethane parts, optimizing their design, building molds and production equipment.

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Delta RIM Composites offers clients cost effective solutions for their polyurethane requirements.

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