Delta RIM Composites inc.

Specialized in the design and manufacture of custom molded products made of high-performance polyurethane elastomers.

The company

Founded in 1990, Delta RIM Composites is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company specialized in the design and manufacture of custom molded products made of high-performance polyurethane elastomers. Using the latest CAD and FEA software, as well as in-house empirical methods, Delta RIM Composites works closely with clients to meet their part needs, design and build tooling, and manufacture the end products using high-end hot casting production equipment.

Throughout its history, Delta RIM Composites has been extensively involved in research and development, working with a large selection of the thermoset materials such as structural and foam polyurethanes, epoxies, and liquid silicone rubber. It has also developed many in-house molding systems and technologies to address a diversity of client needs. Delta RIM Composites is motivated to increase the productivity and product range of elastomeric polyurethanes, and is increasingly focused on the mining, industrial and hydroelectric sealing industries.

Delta RIM Composites problem solving abilities have been consistently demonstrated in having molded a wide variety of complex and demanding parts, and offering excellent bonding and material characteristics while maintaining appealing aesthetic qualities.

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Delta RIM Composites facilities efficiently house the latest computerized and automated production and custom molding systems. Engineering design, analysis and manufacture is performed using PRO/Engineer (CREO 3.0) CAD, PRO/Mechanica (Simulate 3.0) geometric element analysis software. Most molds and equipment are CNC machined out of aluminum allowing DRC to maintain extremely precise dimensions on all required parts. Hot casting equipment can process up to 15Kg/min, allowing DRC to manufacture parts up to 100Kg with ease.

In addition, Delta RIM Composites is fully equipped with numerous pieces of auxiliary equipment, which allow it to economically prepare and finish the entirety of projects in-house. These facilities also give DRC the ability to take on challenging and often complex parts.

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Prototype Insulator Lock
Wicket Gate Seals
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  • Wicket Gate Seal
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